UZ20 stoječi stroj za posnemanje robov

UZ 20 soječi stroj za posnemanje robov se uporablja za robove do 30mm. Močan in stacionarni stroj je uporaben za ravne plošče, jeklene profile in druge obdelovance. Prenesi katalog tukaj...


Tehniični podatki stroja:

■ For all carbon steels, cast iron, aluminium and light metal alloys, non-ferrous metals and all cuttable materials.
■ The feed permits bevel machining without tight camping of the workpiece.
■ The swiveling milling spindle permits a milling angle within a continuous range of 30° - 60°.
■ Regulation of feed speed and cutting tool
■ Option to buy additional accessories such a milling devide for pipes, table extension left and right (total 2800 mm) with adjustable sidestops left and right




Technical data:
Max.bevel width: according to the angle settings
Adjusting the bevel angle: 30°- 60°
Milling head motor: three phase 380 V, 3 kW
Speed of cutter head: setting (frequency converter); 1800-5000 rpm
Engine displacement: three-phase 380 V, adjustable (variator)
Weight: 360 kg
Thickness of the material: 3 - 100 mm
Dimensions: 800 x 1200 x 1650 mm